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At htmlBurger we strive to provide the best possible Price, Quality, Completion Time mixture. Generally we provide two price options depending on completion time. Explore our services and prices below and see what is included by default.

  • htmlBurger

    HTML template coding service. Send us your design in any common format (PSD, PNG, AI, etc.) and we will convert it into HTML / CSS tableless markup meeting the highest industry standard.

    Time-frame: 2 / 5 business days for the first few pages
    First page: $138 / $98
    Inner page: $68 / $48

  • WordPress Burger

    WordPress coding service. We take your design files (or markup) and produce a fully functional site manageable from the WordPress administration panel. We're aimed to produce sites that are easy to use and don't require technical skills from their administrators. By default we include WordPress blog functionality and we provide custom quotes for addition CMS bits such as use of custom post types, custom taxonomies. etc.

    Time-frame: 2 / 5 business days for the first few pages
    First page: $138 / $98
    Inner page: $68 / $48
    WordPress Integration: +$168 / +$128

  • emailBurger

    HTML Email Newsletter Coding Service. We take your email newsletter design and code it to email friendly HTML with maximum possible compatibility across all the major email clients.

    Time-frame: 2 / 5 business days
    First email: $138 / $98
    Responsive layout: $68 / $48
    Software integration: $68 / $48

  • Responsive Donuts

    Highest quality markup based on CSS Media Queries. A responsive website changes its layout and appearance depending on the device it is displayed on. Making your website responsive is definitely a good idea. It seems to be the next step in the evolution of web design.

    Time-frame: 2 / 5 business days
    Desktop first page: $138 / $98
    Tablet first page: $68 / $48
    Mobile first page: $98 / $68

    Desktop inner page: $68 / $48
    Tablet inner page: $38 / $28
    Mobile inner page: $48 / $38

  • Advanced JavaScript and Custom PHP programing

    With years of experience in the field we can confidently handle different types of PHP and JavaScript projects (Custom CMS, API integration, Custom E-commerce solutions, etc.). Please get in touch and check our availability.

  • Even More Burgers

    Although we keep our focus on the services listed above, we are experienced in almost every open source CMS on the market, such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Zen-Cart, Expression Engine, etc. We can also help you with styling LightCMS and Tumblr sites. However, we are way more excited about the WordPress platform. Please get in touch and check our availability.