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Image for Custom WordPress Theme Development - Every Mother's Advocate
  • HTML/CSS Conversion
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Modern Browsers Support
  • Retina Displays Optimization
  • BEM Methodology Inheritance
  • CSS Sprites Generation Tool
  • WordPress integration
  • JavaScript / CSS Animations
  • WordPress Admin Using ACF
  • Production Website Setup


Every Mother's Advocate is an organization that works to prevent family separation by advocating for mothers in crisis. Their director of operations Alessandra Thomas contacted us to help them update their existing WordPress website. We worked together with their team to come up with one great design that outlines their vision. Although the WordPress integration was rather straightforward, the development also had some interesting takes that we had to take to solve certain problems with the information presentation.

Final Result

After working closely with Every Mother's Advocate, we were able to deliver a new WordPress website that accurately represented their mission and vision. The collaborative effort between our team and theirs lead to the final result. Overall, we're thrilled with how the project turned out and are honored to have helped support such an important cause.

  • Tailored WordPress CMS Build
  • CSS Sprites Generation Tool
  • WordPress Admin Using ACF
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