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Image for Custom WordPress Theme Development + WooCommerce - Bud Love
  • HTML/CSS Conversion
  • Modern Browsers Support
  • BEM Methodology Inheritance
  • WordPress integration
  • JavaScript / CSS Animations
  • Tailor WordPress Theme Build From Scratch
  • WordPress Admin ACF Custom Fields
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 3rd-Party Tools Integration
  • Custom Features Implementation

Overview is a premium Herbal + Mixer designed to be combined with your favorite strains. One of our digital agency partners approached us to build the WordPress + WooCommerce website based on their designs. The project proved to be complex, and we had to do some interesting custom-coded work and integrations with different 3rd-party services they use to meet the client's needs. As the client's needs have evolved, we have continued to support them by adding new features and improving the user experience.

Mobile Previews

Final Result

We had the opportunity to work on some exciting custom functionalities for this premium brand. The colorful and fun design of the site perfectly complements the features we added, including easy-to-find details about the various flavors and an excellent shopping experience. We're proud to have contributed to this project and to continue supporting its growth.

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