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Image for Website Development With Custom WordPress Theme Integration - Kasra Design
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Advanced Animations
  • Parallax Effects Integration
  • Custom JavaScript Functionality
  • AJAX Loading Implementation
  • Custom Search Functionality
  • Forms Integration
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Custom Portfolio Grid
  • Setup on Client Server

Project Scope

The Kasra team is an expert in 3D animations and video production. Alex, the CEO & creative director, hired us to build their new website. They were looking for someone to convert their amazing ideas to an interactive website that best describes the company's expertise and values.

Mobile Responsive

We've followed the client vision and created a seamless mobile experience for the website visitors. We wanted to make sure people who use their phones can also feel the same vibe and energy.

Final Result

With the help of Alex and the whole Kasra team, we were able to build this great website. As a result, the website has a simple and intuitive experience with lots of energy and attitude one can expect from the creative people from Kasra.

  • Tailored WordPress CMS Build
  • Interactive Animations
  • Custom JavaScript Functionality
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