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Image for Hubspot CMS Development - Pilotly
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • BEM Methodology Inheritance
  • Modern Browsers Support
  • Custom CSS Animations
  • Parallax Effects Implementation
  • Interactive Website Development
  • Custom Video Players
  • Custom HubSpot CMS Theme Build
  • Continious Delivery

Project Scope

Pilotly came to us originally with the need of converting a few designs for their website as static HTML pages. During the project review and discussion, they decided they want to go with HubSpot as a CMS. Since we already had a lot of experience with the platform we suggested our assistance for this part too. We cleared up the details and started work.

Mobile Responsive

With all the design files for both desktop and mobile and clear instructions, we achieved the exact result they were looking for - an optimized website that looks as per their vision, and HubSpot as a CMS to control the content and manage their marketing purposes.

Final Result

We are really happy that we had the opportunity to work together with Pilotly. After the initial release of the website we continued our collaboration on bringing more pages and improvements.

  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Driven by HubSpot CMS
  • With Custom Animations
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