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14 Pricing Page Examples That Convert

How to make an effective and informative pricing page

A pricing page is a crucial component for any business aiming to convey its products or services to potential customers effectively. It serves as a central hub where visitors can gain a clear understanding of the offerings, making it an essential tool for driving conversions. In this article, we will explore 14 inspiring pricing page examples to ignite your creativity and enhance your own pricing page design.

To design an impactful pricing page, there are several best practices to consider. These elements can greatly contribute to the overall user experience and help potential customers make informed decisions.

Here are key elements to include:
  • Pricing Table: A well-structured pricing table provides a concise overview of different plans or tiers, making it easy for visitors to compare and choose the most suitable option.
  • Pricing Comparisons: Highlighting the features and benefits of each pricing tier through clear comparisons enables users to differentiate between options and select the one that best aligns with their needs.
  • Pricing Calculator: Offering a dynamic pricing calculator allows visitors to customize their requirements and instantly view the corresponding costs, enhancing transparency and personalization.
  • FAQ Section for Pricing: Address common questions and concerns about pricing in a dedicated FAQ section, ensuring clarity and building trust with potential customers.
  • Immediate Call-to-Action (CTA): Including a prominent and persuasive CTA button directly on the pricing page encourages visitors to take action and make a purchase or subscribe to your services without any hassle.
  • Contact Information: Providing convenient ways for potential customers to get in touch with your business on the same page fosters trust and allows for any questions or concerns to be addressed promptly.

By integrating these additional elements seamlessly into your pricing page, you create a cohesive and user-centric experience that encourages conversions while also offering direct channels of communication with your business.

Now, let’s delve into the 14 pricing page examples that embody transparency and user-oriented design. Each of these live website examples demonstrates effective utilization of the aforementioned elements, providing inspiration for your own pricing page.


Atwww Studio Pricing Page

Let’s explore the first example, Atwww Studio. Atwww Studio offers all-in-one Webflow services, providing personalized and customized design solutions tailored to your specific needs. The website design is clean and vibrant, featuring trendy visible lines and borders. With a dedicated pricing page, Atwww Studio excels in transparency and user-friendliness.

The pricing page showcases a simple yet comprehensive pricing table, comparing three different plans based on their main features. Each plan is presented with a transparent price tag, accompanied by a description and a prominent “Get Started” call to action. Additionally, users have the option to book a call with the agency, ensuring personalized assistance.

Furthermore, the pricing page includes a section outlining the features included in all Design plans, allowing users to grasp the value they can expect. Notably, Atwww Studio incorporates a section for fixed pricing on a project basis, catering to the unique needs of clients requiring specific deliverables.

To aid users in their decision-making process, Atwww Studio incorporates an FAQ section on the pricing page. Questions such as “Which plan would be right for me?” and “How fast will I receive my designs?” are addressed, providing clarity and facilitating informed choices. The agency also offers insights into its availability and refund policy.

Additionally, the pricing page features a testimonial section, showcasing client feedback and building trust. With immediate CTAs for contacts, Atwww Studio ensures seamless communication, allowing potential customers to reach out easily.

  • Clean and colorful website design with trendy lines and borders
  • Separate pricing page for easy navigation
  • Simple and comprehensive pricing table comparing three different plans
  • Transparent price tags and descriptions for each plan
  • “Get Started” call-to-action buttons for immediate action
  • Option to book a call with the agency for personalized assistance
  • A section outlining features included in all Design plans
  • Section for fixed pricing on a project basis
  • FAQ section addressing common questions and concerns
  • Testimonial section showcasing client feedback and trust-building
  • Immediate CTA for contacting the agency


Postcards Email Builder: Pricing Plans Comparison and FAQ

Let’s explore the next example, Postcards Email Builder. Postcards Email Builder is a highly customizable and user-friendly email-building tool designed to revolutionize the way teams and individuals create emails. With a separate pricing page boasting a modern design featuring holographic effects, Postcards offers an array of enticing features.

To enhance user convenience, the pricing page includes a toggle button, allowing users to choose between viewing the pricing on an annual or monthly basis. This feature enables users to easily compare the costs and make an informed decision. The pricing table showcases three plans: a free version and two premium options. Each plan is presented in three columns, clearly displaying the features included, pricing details, and providing easy access via CTA buttons.

As users scroll down the pricing page, they encounter a compelling social proof section that highlights the extensive statistics of over 10K companies currently utilizing Postcards Email Builder. Real client testimonials further validate the quality and effectiveness of the service.

Continuing further, the pricing page offers an extensive FAQ section, addressing important questions that users may have. Queries such as “What is the difference between the Free and Paid versions?” and “Are there any limits to the number of exported emails from Postcards?” are thoughtfully answered, providing clarity and building trust. Moreover, users have the option to access live chat support at any time during their exploration.

  • Toggle button for choosing pricing view (annual or monthly)
  • Pricing table with three plans: Free and two premium options
  • Clear feature lists for each plan
  • Price tags and easy access via CTA buttons
  • Social proof section with testimonials and statistics
  • Real client testimonials
  • Extensive FAQ section addressing key questions
  • Live chat support for immediate assistance


MadNotes: Short and Sweet Pricing Section

Let’s delve into the next example, the MadNotes app’s landing page. MadNotes is a new app and browser extension that offers a minimalistic markdown notepad. With its convenient accessibility, fast writing capabilities, and optional privacy features, MadNotes aims to enhance the note-taking experience.

The website design exudes a casual vibe, featuring a delightful monochromatic color scheme of purple, blue, and pink, coupled with flat design elements and custom icons.

As a landing page, MadNotes provides pricing information within a dedicated section rather than a separate pricing page. This section efficiently presents a price comparison table, highlighting the essentials such as price tags, features, and a clear call-to-action to proceed with the chosen option. The approach is simple yet effective, allowing potential users to make informed decisions swiftly.

  • Pricing information is presented in a designated section
  • Price comparison table with essential details
  • Clear call-to-action to proceed with the chosen pricing option


Lim London Pricing Cards

Moving to the next example, Lim London offers an interactive learning platform to master essential music production skills. With a focus on creating, recording, and mixing at the music industry standard, Lim London provides aspiring musicians with the tools they need to excel. The website features a sleek black design with captivating UI interactions, parallax effects, and a dynamic layout that utilizes ample white space to enhance content readability and engagement.

Unlike having a separate page for pricing information, Lim London incorporates it directly on the homepage. The Pricing section, accompanied by a compelling CTA titled “Book Your Musical Journey Now,” presents three distinct enrollment options in the form of visually appealing cards with delightful hover effects. Each card showcases a different enrollment period and transparent price tags for both single payments and payment plans, enabling prospective students to choose the option that suits them best.

Next, beneath the pricing cards, a small CTA invites users to learn more about what is included in the cost. Upon clicking, a modal window pops up, providing comprehensive details about the inclusions. This includes enticing features such as 108 hours of virtual classroom lessons, basic navigation of MIDI keyboard, discounts on mixing and mastering services, practical materials, and more. By opting for a modal window instead of directly listing the inclusions under the pricing table, Lim London adds an element of predictability and engages users in an interactive exploration of the offering.

  • Pricing information presented on the homepage
  • Visually appealing pricing cards with hover effects
  • Transparent price tags for single payments and payment plans
  • Clear call-to-action for more information on what’s included
  • Modal window showcasing comprehensive details of the cost inclusions


Purplethumb Design Studio Pricing Section

Purplethumb Design Studio offers Webflow design services based on a subscription model, providing an alternative that alleviates the cost, management, and burden associated with traditional alternatives. The website follows a single-page format with a clean and minimalist design, featuring well-structured content for enhanced user experience.

Easily accessible from the main navigation through an anchor link, the pricing section plays a prominent role. It presents a pricing table showcasing three subscription plans, each accompanied by a price tag, a detailed description with recommendations to guide users in selecting the most suitable plan for their projects, main features, and a compelling call-to-action to book a discovery call. Additionally, Purplethumb Design Studio offers a fourth option for custom requests, catering to unique project requirements.

Directly below the pricing section, an FAQ section provides users with important details regarding unlimited requests, refund policy, design process, timeframes, and more. This addresses potential questions and concerns, fostering transparency and building trust with potential clients.

Notably, the page incorporates a comparison section that allows users to visually assess the differences between each plan. Also, by strategically placing this section alongside real client testimonials before the pricing table, Purplethumb Design Studio creates anticipation and excitement, showcasing the value of their services prior to presenting the pricing details.

  • Accessible pricing section through main navigation anchor link
  • Pricing table with three subscription plans, including price tags and detailed descriptions with recommendations
  • Clear call-to-action for booking a discovery call
  • Option for custom requests
  • FAQ section addressing important details and clarifying user concerns
  • Comparison section to visually compare plan differences
  • Real client testimonials to build trust and hype users


Milena Alexandrova Freelance SEO Services Pricing Page

Now let’s move to the next example, Milena Alexandrova‘s business website. Milena Alexandrova is a creative tech B2B content writer and copywriter based in Paris, France. The website showcases a stylish and luxurious design, adorned with purple and pink gradients and elegant fonts. It incorporates UI animations, scrolling animations, and overlapping elements that emulate stickers, creating an engaging user experience. Notably, the website includes a separate pricing page, which highlights the freelancer’s service offerings and transparent pricing structure.

Upon visiting the pricing page, users are greeted with a prominent and experimental title, capturing attention and setting the tone for the rest of the section. The page features a section of cards, each representing one of the two service categories offered by Milena Alexandrova: content writing, strategy, and SEO; and copywriting. Each card provides a category title and a detailed breakdown, reminiscent of a receipt, outlining the specific types of services included in the category, along with their respective price tags.

Beyond the primary service categories, the freelancer goes a step further to provide additional pricing options to cater to varying client needs. This includes rates for hourly and daily packages, retainer packages, and add-ons. By offering these various pricing structures, Milena Alexandrova ensures transparency and facilitates easy calculations for clients, empowering them to determine if the services align with their budget. The pricing section is complemented by a clear “Hire Me” call-to-action button, allowing users to initiate immediate contact with the freelancer.

Additionally, the website incorporates an FAQ section below the pricing information, addressing important details such as how prices are calculated, invoice schedules, project timeframes, and more. Furthermore, the website’s sticky navigation, featuring a hamburger menu and the ever-present “Hire Me” button, ensures easy access to navigation and contact options throughout the site, irrespective of scrolling position.

  • Separate pricing page
  • Service category cards with detailed descriptions and price tags
  • Additional pricing options, including hourly, daily, retainer packages, and add-ons
  • “Hire Me” call-to-action button for immediate contact
  • FAQ section addressing pricing details, invoicing, and project timeframes
  • Sticky navigation for easy access to navigation and contact options


Writesonic AI Writing Tool Functional Pricing Table

Writesonic is a highly regarded AI content generation tool, and its website and app have recently undergone a refreshing redesign. The design exudes a classic feel, typical of app websites, featuring a clean layout with a black background, white sections, and accentuating brand colors.

Notably, Writesonic has a dedicated pricing page that immediately captures users’ attention with a prominent pricing table placed above the fold. This functional table allows users to toggle between different options, such as Premium or Superior, and view the corresponding pricing for monthly or annual payments. Additionally, the table presents a clear comparison of three tiers. There’s the free plan and two premium plans, detailing the features each tier offers to facilitate users in making an informed decision.

Each plan card provides a concise description. This indicates which type of projects the plan is most suitable for, along with a visible price tag for the subscription. Additionally, the cards specify the word limit for generated content, offer a compelling CTA button to proceed with the desired plan and present a comprehensive list of features. This comprehensive pricing table equips users with the necessary information to assess the value proposition of each plan.

Scrolling down the pricing page, users will encounter an appealing offer: a generous 30% discount for students and non-profit organizations. This inclusion demonstrates Writesonic’s commitment to supporting educational and charitable initiatives, enhancing the brand’s reputation and goodwill.

Furthermore, the page provides additional sections that delve deeper into feature comparisons between the different plans, allowing users to grasp the unique advantages offered by each tier. The pricing page concludes with a comprehensive FAQ section, addressing common queries and further elucidating the benefits and features associated with each plan.

  • Separate pricing page with a prominent pricing table above the fold
  • Interactive functionality allowing users to switch between plan options and payment terms
  • Clear comparison of three tiers: free plan and two premium plans
  • Concise plan descriptions, visible price tags, word limits, and compelling CTAs
  • Comprehensive list of features for each plan
  • Special discount for students and non-profit organizations
  • Detailed feature comparison section
  • Comprehensive FAQ section addressing common queries


Weera Family Simple and Effective Pricing Page

Let’s delve into the next example: Weera Family. Weera is a website dedicated to the Family Network, designed to bring relatives closer together. It offers a range of features including chat functionality, a 3D family map, and the ability to share cherished memories, photos, and family recipes. To facilitate access to these benefits, Weera has created a separate pricing page with a simple yet effective design approach.

The pricing page of Weera showcases a well-structured layout. It consists of a single section with two cards representing different subscription tiers. Despite its simplicity, the design effectively conveys all the necessary information transparently. Each card includes a toggle button for selecting payment frequency: monthly, every three months, or annually. The displayed pricing is automatically recalculated as users toggle between options, providing a clear understanding of the associated costs.

Furthermore, the cards highlight the specific features included in each subscription plan. This allows users to assess the advantages and benefits of each tier, aiding them in making informed decisions. Additionally, prominent call-to-action buttons are present on each card, facilitating seamless subscription selection.

Weera’s pricing page exemplifies simplicity, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness. By adopting a straightforward design and presenting information transparently, users can easily navigate the pricing options and choose the plan that best suits their needs.

  • Separate pricing page with a clean and simple design.
  • Single section featuring two well-structured cards representing subscription tiers.
  • Toggle button for selecting payment frequency (monthly, every three months, or annually).
  • Automatic recalculation of pricing based on the chosen payment frequency.
  • Highlighted features for each subscription plan.
  • Prominent call-to-action buttons for easy subscription selection.


HubSpot: Complex Pricing Page as a SPA

Next, we have HubSpot. As a leading SaaS provider, HubSpot offers all-in-one marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. With its platform, users can create and manage campaigns, track leads, and sales, and measure performance. The website highlights a wide range of integrations with other tools and emphasizes its free features. Additionally, HubSpot’s exceptional SaaS blog provides valuable insights to users.

Central to HubSpot’s offering is its pricing page, which adeptly organizes the complexity of its five distinct products into a single, user-friendly interface. Operating like a dynamic single-page application (SPA), the page employs a sidebar to delineate the various solutions and products available. When users select a specific product of interest, the page instantly reveals all the corresponding plans on offer.

A standout feature of HubSpot’s pricing page is its comprehensive comparison table. This table enables users to effortlessly evaluate the features and benefits offered by each plan across different product categories. The inclusion of a contact phone number further highlights HubSpot’s commitment to personalized assistance and exceptional customer support.

Moreover, HubSpot goes the extra mile in providing users with a custom price calculator. This valuable tool allows users to tailor their plans to meet their specific needs by incorporating add-ons or additional features. As users customize their plan, the price calculator dynamically adjusts, presenting them with a final price that accurately reflects their selected options.

  • Clear divisions between different solutions and products via a sidebar.
  • Instant display of available plans upon selecting a specific product.
  • A comprehensive comparison table for easy evaluation of plan features.
  • A contact phone number for personalized assistance.
  • Custom price calculator for flexible plan customization.


Ubunzo Studio Pricing Page

Known for its rebellious branding, awesome brand tone, and often hilarious copy, Ubunzo Studio is an international, full-service digital design agency. The agency recently underwent a full redesign of its website, embracing a black theme with vibrant custom illustrations in an urban style. With big fonts and a neo-brutalist vibe, the website exudes a unique character. The left sidebar houses the main navigation, ensuring easy access at all times.

Ubunzo Studio showcases its pricing plans on both the homepage and a separate page. The pricing page also serves as the services page, providing details about the agency’s offerings before delving into the pricing section. The design of the pricing section is particularly impressive. Departing from the conventional vertical cards in multiple columns, Ubunzo Studio opts for a ticket-style horizontal card with tabs. Each tab corresponds to a different pricing tier, allowing users to click and explore the offerings of their desired tier.

Transparency is paramount on Ubunzo Studio’s pricing page. Each plan card highlights the best value and describes the type of projects that can benefit most from it. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of what is included in the cost, along with a timeframe and total price. Notably, each card features a prominent “Book This Plan” CTA button, making it easy for users to take the next step.

Continuing down the page, a detailed business process is presented in a timeline infographic, guiding clients through the agency’s workflow step by step. The page concludes with an FAQ section, addressing important questions regarding tight timelines, minimum starting budgets, license options, and more. Contacts for reaching out to Ubunzo Studio are conveniently located below the FAQ section.

  • Unique ticket-style horizontal cards with tabs for different pricing tiers.
  • Transparent breakdown of what is included in each plan.
  • Prominent “Book This Plan” CTA buttons.
  • Detailed timeline infographic showcasing the agency’s business process.
  • FAQ section addressing common client inquiries.
  • Contact information for easy communication.


Brighton Community: Price Range Results

Let’s explore the next example: Brighton Community. Located in the scenic east end of Saskatoon, Brighton Community is a growing neighborhood surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The community’s real estate website boasts a modern design that is both clean and functional.

One standout feature of Brighton Community’s website is its pricing page, which serves as an exemplary model for real estate websites. The pricing page offers users advanced search options, allowing them to filter and look for houses within specific price ranges. Depending on the selected price range, the page dynamically displays the search results in the form of cards. Each card provides essential details, including the starting price, features, and additional information about the properties.

By incorporating advanced search capabilities and displaying results in an easily digestible card format, Brighton Community’s pricing page empowers potential buyers to explore available options within their desired price range. This approach enhances user experience and streamlines the search process, making it more efficient and convenient for those interested in purchasing a property within the community.

  • Advanced search options to filter houses based on price ranges.
  • Dynamic display of search results in card format.
  • Starting price and essential features are showcased on each card.
  • Additional details are provided for each property.
  • Enhanced user experience and efficient search process.


Beginner Bank Simplified Pricing Calculator

Beginner Bank is a platform dedicated to supporting early-stage startups in achieving product-led growth by reducing upfront costs for principal product design. The website showcases a sleek black-and-white design and offers a comprehensive navigation system for easy access to its content-rich inner pages.

The pricing page, known as “Pricing Simplified,” exemplifies how to simplify a complex pricing system and ensure user comprehension. It features a pricing calculator that provides clear instructions and toggle buttons to include or exclude specific features. Users can customize their selections and immediately view a transparent breakdown of costs below.

Enhancing the user experience, the page includes a sticky bar that dynamically updates as users make changes. It displays real-time information such as the amount for the percentage invested, percentage down payment, percentage balance, number of payments, and the total cost.

With its simplified pricing calculator and real-time updates, Beginner Bank’s pricing page empowers startups to understand and tailor their pricing options. This approach simplifies decision-making and instills transparency and confidence in estimating investment.

  • Pricing calculator with clear instructions and customizable options.
  • Transparent breakdown of costs based on selected features.
  • Dynamic updates through a sticky bar.
  • Real-time information for confident decision-making.
  • Enhanced user experience for startups.


Klub Pricing Page and Tier Comparison Table

Klubis an investment-oriented platform that offers a community-driven experience. Their website showcases a modern and interactive design, perfectly balanced with captivating UI animations and contrasting elements. To discover the pricing details, head over to the Klub tiers page.

Upon landing on the page, you’ll immediately notice the different tiers available. By clicking on the respective tags, you can explore four options: premium, titanium, black, and black elite. Each tier is accompanied by its pricing and a brief description. To take the next step and join, simply click the provided CTA button.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the features offered in each tier, scroll down to the comparison table. This table presents a detailed breakdown, allowing users to compare and evaluate the various options available. It serves as a valuable resource for making an informed decision based on individual needs and preferences.

To address common inquiries, the page also includes an FAQ section. Within this section, three essential questions are answered: “How much does it cost to join Klub?”, “What happens to the XKI delegates to get my tier?”, and “Can I sell the XKI delegates to get my status?” These questions provide clarity on pricing, the delegate system, and potential avenues for upgrading one’s status.

In summary, Klub’s pricing page offers a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. With tier descriptions, a comparison table, and an FAQ section, potential users can easily explore and understand the pricing structure, features, and important details associated with joining Klub.

  • Different tiers with pricing and short descriptions.
  • Comparison table for detailed feature analysis.
  • FAQ section addressing common inquiries.
  • Clear CTAs to guide users through the application process.
  • Interactive design elements and UI animations.


Ronin X6 Packed Pricing Info

Let’s explore the final example: Ronin X6. It’s a marketing and eCommerce website promoting the Ronin headlamp, renowned as the most reliable and highest-quality surgical headlight ever made. The website adopts a single-page format with manual or navigational access to the pricing page using anchor links.

To find the pricing information, you can check out the dedicated section on the page. It’s organized in an accordion-style layout, efficiently consolidating features, specifications, financing options, and warranty details. By selecting the “Packages and Pricing” option, you’ll discover a comprehensive comparison table showcasing different packages with their respective features and pricing breakdowns.

The accordion section proves to be an effective solution for shorter single-page websites. It allows for substantial content delivery without overwhelming visitors. This approach ensures scannability, digestibility, and convenient access to pricing information.

In summary, Ronin X6’s website excels in promoting its premium surgical headlamp through a streamlined one-page design. The pricing page, organized in an accordion section, presents a wealth of content including features, financing options, and warranty details while maintaining readability and user-friendliness.

  • Single-page format with easy navigation to the pricing section.
  • Accordion-style layout organizing pricing, features, financing, and warranty details.
  • Comparison table showcasing different packages and pricing breakdowns.
  • Efficient content presentation for enhanced readability and user experience.


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Let’s Wrap It Up!

To sum up, pricing pages play a crucial role in providing transparency and guiding user decision-making, ultimately influencing conversion rates and business success.

These 14 pricing page examples showcased a range of effective pricing strategies, including clear pricing tables, tiered plans, feature comparisons, transparent breakdowns, and user-friendly designs. These examples demonstrate how well-structured pricing pages can enhance user experience, build trust, and drive conversions. We hope these examples have inspired you to optimize your own pricing pages and create a seamless user journey.

In the meantime, explore more insights and resources on web design and web development by checking out our other articles!

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